Holocaust memorials

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Welcome to the memorial museums database.

This overview of institutions throughout the world that deal with the history of the Holocaust has been created by the Topography of Terror Foundation. The collection of the material is partly supported by the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The homepage is also used by the 'Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research', which made this project possible through its generous financial support.

We have provided information on the most important memorials and monuments dedicated to the victims of National Socialism. Data on museums, research and educational institutions that conduct work in this historical field has also been included. The site presents brief historical information and a description of the activities of each institution, directions on how to reach the sites as well as contact addresses. You will find background information on the the different countries' memorial cultures at the homepage "Cultures of Remembrance".

The memorials have been divided into eleven categories that are based foremost on the site’s historical significance during the Holocaust. The category “Other National Socialist Memorial Sites without a Geographical Reference”, generally refers to institutions that exist in areas outside of the European territories occupied by the National Socialists in World War II.

In order to create and maintain an international guide of this kind we are dependent on the support of many people from different countries. We would like to express our gratitude to all those individuals who have offered their important help in realizing this project.
We would also like to encourage users of this guide to inform us of any changes or errors they are aware of or new institutions that should be added to the database.
Additional information on events, news articles, books and projects is available on the homepage "Gedenkstättenforum".

Good luck with your research!

Thomas Lutz
Head of the memorial museums department
Topography of Terror Foundation